Casing --->>  Pro DJ Cases --->> Double Layer Tool Case.  双层活动隔板工具箱 

Other colors of fireproof board are available / 多种颜色的箱板可选

   *. Size: W500 x D330 x H200+200mm. (Any size available)
   *. Blue Color Fireproofing Board with black metal parts.
   *. 9mm Black Fireproofing Board.

   *. 10mm hard foam, 2 handle each layer.
   *. 4 Butterfly Latch. 4 rubber pads on the bottom.

































 *. W1000 x D600 x H1100mm LED Hanger-on Mixer Case. 控盘/显示器/主机集成箱.
 *. 2 Drawer with Stainless steel slide. 含滑轨 双抽屉。
 *  With 4pc 4" Caster. (2 Lockable Caster.)
 *. 9mm Black Fireproofing Board. (Other color available.)
 *. 10~25mm hard foam, 4 Spring handle, 6 Butterfly Latch.